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THERE’S A new airline coming in to Puerto Princesa, and it’s called Zestair. Sounds like a fresh mint, but hey, why not?

Zestair was formerly Asian Spirit, which was apparently bought by the owner of the popular juice drink in tetra pack, according to my visitor in Palawan Times office the other day. Am not sure who owns Zesto. I only encounter it whenever we go on medical and dental missions; it’s handy to give as refreshing drinks to our people in the team.

I don’t want to appear ignorant about Zesto Corporation so I went on a 3-minute Internet journey to personally meet whoever the owner is online. The chief executive officer of Zesto Corporation is Ambassador Alfredo M. Yao, who is quite good looking despite his age.

Yao also holds the chairmanship of Zest-O Corporation (excuse me, not Zesto as previously encoded). Simultaneously he is also the president and general manager of Solmac Mktg., Inc. (boy, I’m only limiting my www travel on Zest-O, am not looking for what this is) and president of other companies, including Semexco Marketing, Inc. and SMI Development Corporation.

Sounds like he’s a busy guy to be involved in running an airline company, but again… Zestair is flying Palawan so, why not?!

I was told that two aircrafts of Zestair are brand new 56-seater ones. They’re newly acquired and will be servicing several routes: Puerto Princesa, Cebu and Manila. There are more but silly memory forgot to take in every name of every place where it’s going to do business. What happened to Asian Spirit’ old planes?

Zestair will also be flying Coron, the newest tourism destination in the country today.

I came across this blog that says funny things about the name the new owner chose. The blogger claimed he doesn’t want to ride something that sounds like a drink… or something along this line of thought.

I had to smile at this blog. I must admit though that I like the way the blogger thinks — it’s kind’da fruity too!

Puerto Princesa is a favorite destination among domestic and foreign tourists. Last year, our tourism arrival doubled from 2006’ figure. Finally, we’re back on track after that Abu Sayyaf kidnapping incident at Dos Palmas Island Resort that rendered many establishments here to close shop. I can only name a few restaurants that remained in business while the weight of the disaster was taking its toll on us. Kalui is one of them.

Now that we’re seeing changes in our tourism industry get higher, new opportunities are, of course, welcome. Whatever sounds fruity, refreshing, minty, thirst-quenching, stimulating and energizing is welcome to Puerto Princesa, Palawan. Welcome to the air, Zestair!

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