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THE WORD reads so unfamiliar, right? It’s also spelled with the letter “O” preceding “E” or oestrus.

Hmmm… let me try explaining what the word is all about because, I tell you, it’s not making me sleep – and I’m over and done with insomnia since time I can’t remember.

Estrus or oestrus, in feline language, is that period in time when our female (called the queens) furry animals that purrs and meows are heads down, fore legs bent, rear quarters are raised to bare their vulvae, their tails hoisted and seized to the side of their bodies, ready to admit the tom cats’ sex organs. In the process, the female cats’ legs will hoof it rhythmically, as if walking in place.

Is that enough explanation for easy understanding, or did I beat around the bush, and I’m not even near any clump of bushes?

O, sige… estrus means our meow-y friends, the queens, are “IN HEAT.” This is January; the furry queens’ heat cycles begin and then last until August. No wonder I couldn’t sleep… I keep hearing mating meows in the neighborhood, sometimes on our own roof. This clearly indicates more nights that I’d be wide awake. There should be a mission here to spay all the female cats.

Truth is… mating cats are not the only reasons why I couldn’t catch sleep even if I’m ready to be fully unconscious to restore myself. And h**k no, it’s not my own estrus cycle that’s doing it, hahaha!

Something… or someone is really making an effort. An anonymous tom cat who’s been sending me lewd photos since December; and I don’t have an iota of trace about who he might be. But that’s only for now.

The photos were all UGLY (in my real sense of the word). So ugly, my goodness! If I find out who he is, and I am going to… he’ll learn how to respect himself.


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